The TS13102 and TS13103 solid state relays from Semtech Corp. (Camarillo, CA) support the company’s Neo-Iso™ Platform, an isolated power/switch management technology. The TS13102 autonomously harvests energy, without the assistance of a microcontroller (and while the switch is closed). The harvested energy, stored in a system capacitor (Csys), can be shared across a system’s multiple channels, driving several loads simultaneously. The TS13103, outfitted with a Power Transfer Output pin (PTO), transfers the harvested energy on the other side of the isolation barrier to the system’s controller. Specific commands are sent through the control line (CLK) to perform a variety of functions, including receiving diagnostic information such as status, fault information, and voltage detection. The control and feedback lines can also be shared across multiple channels. Three address pins allow for up to eight switches on the same control line (CLK).

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