The MAN-R pressure gauge from KOBOLD (Pittsburgh, PA) uses an elastic measuring element to generate a precise, reproducible deflection when subjected to pressure. The pressure is converted into rotary motion of a pointer. The subsequent pressure measurement can then be read on the scale of the dial. Available in ranges from 30" Hg to 15,000 PSIG, the MAN-R offers a choice of up to four magnetic, sliding, or highly reliable inductive switches. Bottom or rear process connections are available in 1/4" or 1/2" NPT.

The housing is a rugged stainless steel, and the bourdon tube sensing element and internal movement features either a rugged copper alloy or chemically resistive stainless steel. Rear mount fittings are offered with a panel mounting front flange. Dial size is available in 4 or 6 inches. Glycerin oil filling dampens excessive pointer movement caused by machine vibrations, and paraffin oil is specified when higher temperature conditions or optional switches are required.

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