People-Counting Sensor

FLIR Systems, Inc. (Wilsonville, OR) announced the latest generation of the FLIR Brickstream 3D Gen 2 people-counting sensor. This new version includes a unique employee filtering feature designed to provide retail and shopping businesses with more accurate customer traffic data and sales conversion metrics. The employee filtering feature uses a combination of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and employee-worn tags to automatically identify and remove staff from customer counts, a process that can otherwise be manual or missing in retail environments today. The employee filtering feature is enabled through a small, easily concealed BLE tag worn by employees and registered to the sensor. The sensor automatically identifies staff when entering or leaving the store without any manual action required. It is designed to integrate with a retailer’s analytics software.

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Ultrasonic Sensor

Toposens (San Jose, CA) announced the release of the TS3, 3D ultrasonic sensor, suitable for a wide range of applications that require reliable object detection and situational awareness. The sensors have a field of view of up to 160° and provide simultaneous 3D measurements for multiple objects within the scanning area. Indoor robotic navigation and object avoidance systems benefit from its real-time processing capabilities while keeping data transmission bandwidth and power low. They perform independent of ambient light conditions and can detect mirroring and transparent surfaces.

The sensor sends out ultrasound waves in a frequency range inaudible by humans. It has a detection range of up to 5 meters and a scan rate of approximately 28 Hz. The TS3 returns up to 200 points per second with each 3D point corresponding to the Cartesian coordinates and an additional volume measurement of the ultrasound wave’s echo returned by an object’s surface.

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Low-Power Automotive Accelerometer for Secure Remote Key Fobs

The STMicroelectronics (Geneva, Switzerland) AIS2DW12 automotive accelerometer makes Passive Keyless Entry (PKE) radio fobs tough enough to survive the inevitable drops and scrapes in a lifetime of use. Ordinary PKE radio fobs listen continuously for an “unlock” request coming from the vehicle when it is touched, then send a command to unlock the vehicle. Thieves can force a fob that is out of range to send an unlock command by relaying the request via an intermediate transmitter.

However, enhanced with an accelerometer, fobs can ignore malicious relayed transmissions by powering down the receiver when not moving and out of range. The radio wakes only when movement is detected at close range as the owner approaches the vehicle.

The operating current is just 380 nA at 1.6 Hz. It operates from 1.8 Vdc and can be powered from a single lithium cell, producing a digital output with full-scale range up to 4 g.

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Non-Intrusive Temperature Sensing

Emerson Automation Solutions (Shakopee, MN) is introducing a new platform for its Rosemount X-well Technology surface sensing temperature measurement solution. The X-well Technology with a Rosemount 3144P transmitter takes its place alongside the original WirelessHART X-well Technology to extend non-intrusive temperature sensing for users in conventional wired I/O environments.

This adds application possibilities for plants and facilities where wired networks are already installed, or where WirelessHART has not yet been deployed. It is also a useful replacement for difficult thermowell installations, which often have a wired connection already available and can be reused with the wired version of X-well.

Temperature measurement points can be added without having to shut down a process. X-well Technology instruments can be installed with a standard pipe clamp procedure and ordinary hand tools, without the need for a skilled contractor.

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