Inductive Proximity Sensors with Analog Output

Automation Direct (Cumming, GA) announces the availability of UL approved DW Series round metal inductive proximity sensors with analog outputs in 8mm, 12mm, 18mm, and 30mm cylindrical sizes. These reliable DC-powered (10 – 30V or 15 – 30V) threaded-barrel sensors are IP67 rated and are available with 2m pigtail cable or quick-disconnect.

8mm analog inductive proximity sensors detect the presence of ferrous metal objects at distances from 0 to 4mm and provide a variable output (0 – 5 VDC or 0 – 10 VDC). 12mm, 18mm, and 30mm analog inductive proximity sensors detect the distance of ferrous metal objects from 0 to 6mm, 0 to 10mm, and 0 to 20mm respectively, providing a variable mA or voltage output (0 – 5 VDC / 1 – 5 mA and 0 – 10 VDC / 4 – 20 mA) linear to distance signal. Rectangular 8mm × 8mm analog output sensors are also available with 0 to 4mm sensing range.

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Ultrasonic Weather Multisensors

Airmar® Technology Corporation (Milford, NH) is releasing their new 110WXS and 150WXS Weatherstation® Multisensor instruments, designed for real-time, site-specific weather information.

Built upon the proven high performance of Airmar’s preceding Weatherstation products, the 150WXS ensures accurate measurement of seven critical weather parameters including ultrasonic measurement of true and apparent wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, air temperature, calculated wind chill, and relative humidity with dew point and heat index. With a built-in GPS and 2-Axis compass, the 150WXS provides heading and time stamping functionality, making it perfect for remote mounting of a network of stationary or deployable sensors. The 110WXS offers the same features as the 150WXS with the exception of relative humidity, GPS, and compass.

Both instruments’ UV and solar radiation-stabilized housings are rugged, compact, and rated to IPX4 ingress protection with CE, RoHS, and IEC60945 product certifications. They are ideal as stand-alone instruments or can easily be integrated into systems designed for weather monitoring over larger geographic areas.

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Glass-Free ISFET pH Sensors

Endress+Hauser (Greenwood, IN) has launched Memosens CPS47D, CPS77D, and CPS97D ISFET pH sensors for applications where glass pH sensors present a risk of breaking. They are made of unbreakable PEEK and are available with three different reference systems.

The CPS47D and CPS77D sensors are designed for hygienic applications. They deliver stable and reproducible measured values, even after sterilization and autoclaving up to temperatures of 275 °F (135 °C); come with the usual hygienic approvals for the food and life sciences industries, such as USP, EHEDG, and 3A; and are TSE/BSE-free. In addition, the CPS77D offers maximum bacteria tightness because of its microporous ceramic diaphragm.

The CPS97D has a fast response time and is chemically stable thanks to its PEEK stem. Also, its open diaphragm does not become clogged in the case of high solids concentrations. The sensors store calibration, sensor, and process data.

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Relative Pressure Sensor IC for EVAP Systems in ICE and Hybrid Vehicles

Melexis (Tessenderlo, Belgium) announces the MLX90821 relative pressure sensor IC designed for measuring very low pressures in automotive applications. Using the latest MEMS technology closely integrated with an analog signal chain and digital signal processing, it is a system-in-package IC solution for the reliable measurement of fuel vapor pressure as low as 50 mbar and up to 700 mbar. This makes it suitable for EVAP systems designed for internal combustion engine or hybrid vehicles.

Implementing fuel pressure vapor detection using so-called EVAP (evaporation) systems is increasingly important for automotive manufacturers, as more regions introduce strict legislation that prohibits the venting of fuel vapor to the atmosphere. As vapor builds up inside fuel tanks and crankcases, the EVAP systems are designed to capture, store, and responsibly dispose of the vapor, preventing it from escaping into the air. Pressure sensors that can operate at very low pressures, like the MLX90821, are a crucial part of these systems, as they are able to detect even the smallest leaks that can potentially appear at any point in the EVAP system.

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Handling of Multi-Port, Low-Pressure MEMS Sensors

Boston Semi Equipment (Billerica, MA) announced that it has enhanced its Zeus gravity feed handlers with the capability of handling extremely low-pressure MEMS devices with multiple ports. The Zeus MEMS handler is faster, more economical, and requires significantly less floor space than their existing solution. Automotive, medical, industrial and consumer markets will benefit from the efficiencies and lower cost of test by handling pressure MEMS ICs in BSE’s Zeus handler.

The Zeus pressure MEMS stimuli include 0 to 18 inches of H2O, 0 – 3 psia vacuum, and up to 150 psi. A 70-bar stimulus is in development. The Zeus is a tri-temperature handler that can be configured with up to eight test sites. Cold temperature testing is achieved using LN2 or a BSE-designed, two-stage chiller, the MR2.

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Smart Helicopter Load Sensor

The Sensor Technology HeliNav-LoadMaster — an intelligent load sensor designed for use in weight-lifting workhorse helicopters has been introduced by Saelig Company, Inc. (Fairport, NY). This sensing system simply incorporates a strain gauge into the underslung cargo load hook. Inclinometers have been added so that it can be used with three-point fixing for large loads; a new receiver wirelessly collects live load data for analysis, interpretation, and reporting, and a new touch-sense display gives real-time information on operational variables to aid calculation of flight and operational profiles. The Load Sensor works in the license-free 2.4GHz band using dual antennas and advanced error-correcting technologies to send and receive data error-free. Data is transmitted to a compatible cockpit-mounted full-color touch display. Data can also be stored internally. Its built-in 32Mb memory can hold up to 280 hours of data, which can then be downloaded to a PC via a USB cable. The sensor is available in ranges from 1.5 to 10 tons.

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