This software is used in an automated cryogenic control system developed to monitor and control the operation of small-scale crycoolers. The system was designed to automate the cryogenically cooled low-noise amplifier system described in “Automated Cryocooler Monitor and Control System” (NPO-47246), NASA Tech Briefs, Vol. 35, No. 5 (May 2011), page 7a.

The software contains algorithms necessary to convert non-linear output voltages from the cryogenic diode-type thermometers and vacuum pressure and helium pressure sensors, to temperature and pressure units. The control function algorithms use the monitor data to control the cooler power, vacuum solenoid, vacuum pump, and electrical warm-up heaters. The control algorithms are based on a rule-based system that activates the required device based on the operating mode. The external interface is Web-based. It acts as a Web server, providing pages for monitor, control, and configuration. No client software from the external user is required.

This work was done by Michael J. Britcliffe, Bruce L. Conroy, Paul E. Anderson, and Ahmad Wilson of Caltech for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

This software is available for commercial licensing. Please contact Daniel Broderick of the California Institute of Technology at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Refer to NPO-47247.

This Brief includes a Technical Support Package (TSP).
Automated Cryocooler Monitor and Control System Software

(reference NPO-47247) is currently available for download from the TSP library.

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