MISR (Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer) INteractive eXplorer (MINX) is an interactive visualization program that allows a user to digitize smoke, dust, or volcanic plumes in MISR multiangle images, and automatically retrieve height and wind profiles associated with those plumes. This innovation can perform 9-camera animations of MISR level-1 radiance images to study the 3D relationships of clouds and plumes. MINX also enables archiving MISR aerosol properties and Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) fire radiative power along with the heights and winds. It can correct geometric misregistration between cameras by correlating off-nadir camera scenes with corresponding nadir scenes and then warping the images to minimize the misregistration offsets. Plots of BRF (bidirectional reflectance factor) vs. camera angle for points clicked in an image can be displayed. Users get rapid access to map views of MISR path and orbit locations and overflight dates, and past or future orbits can be identified that pass over a specified location at a specified time. Single-camera, level-1 radiance data at 1,100- or 275-meter resolution can be quickly displayed in color using a browse option.

This software determines the heights and motion vectors of features above the terrain with greater precision and coverage than previous methods, based on an algorithm that takes wind direction into consideration. Human interpreters can precisely identify plumes and their extent, and wind direction. Overposting of MODIS thermal anomaly data aids in the identification of smoke plumes. The software has been used to preserve graphical and textural versions of the digitized data in a Web-based database that currently contains more than 7,000 smoke plumes (http://www-misr2.jpl.nasa.gov/EPA-Plumes/ ).

This work was done by David L. Nelson of Columbus Technologies and Services; David J. Diner, Charles K. Thompson, Jeffrey R. Hall, and Brian E. Rheingans of Caltech; Michael J. Garay of Raytheon; and Dominic Mazzoni of Google, Inc. for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. For more information, download the MINX software package and User’s Guide at http://www.openchannelsoftware.com/projects/MINX/. NPO-47098

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