SPS-DSPI software has been revised so that Goddard optical engineers can operate the instrument, instead of data programmers. The user interface has been improved to view the data collected by the SPS-DSPI, with a real-time mode and a play-back mode. The SPS-DSPI has been developed by NASA/GSFC to measure the temperature distortions of the primary-mirror backplane structure for the James Webb Space Telescope. It requires a

team of computer specialists to run successfully, because, at the time of this reporting, it just finished the prototype stage. This software improvement will transition the instrument to become available for use by many programs that measure distortion.

Dead code from earlier versions has been removed. The tighter code has been refactored to improve usability and maintainability. A prototype GUI has been created to run this refactored code. A big improvement is the ability to test the monitors and real-time functions without running the laser, by using a data acquisition simulator.

This work was done by Peter N. Blake, Joycelyn T. Jones, and Carl F. Hostetter of Goddard Space Flight Center and Perry Greenfield and Todd Miller of AURA Space Telescope Science Institute. For further information, contact the Goddard Innovative Partnerships Office at (301) 286-5810. GSC-15709-1

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