The U1280 and U1240C Series handheld digital multimeters from Keysight Technologies (Santa Rosa, CA) feature 60,000-count display resolution and 0.025 percent accuracy. The 4.5-digit handheld DMMs are suited for electronics manufacturing, installation, and maintenance work in the electronics test industry. The U1240C 4-digit DMMs come with 10,000-count display resolution and 0.09 percent accuracy, and provide a range of measurement functions. The U1240C comes with ZLOW and harmonic ratio. ZLOW provides low impedance mode to eliminate stray voltages. The harmonic ratio function gives an indication of the presence of harmonics. The DMMs are capable of withstanding up to a three-meter (ten-foot) drop. The U1240C is CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V compliant for electrical testing and measurement. Both series come with extended battery life — 800 hours for the U1280 Series and 400 hours for the U1240C.

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