Using a piezo-actuated valve and an integral, closed-loop pressure control circuit, a modular controller maintains the pressure of non-corrosive to mildly corrosive gases. The Active Pressure Controller (APC) consumes minimal power (<40 mA at 12 VDC) while offering a response time of less than 20 ms. The high-efficiency device also produces minimal heat and EM signature, making it ideal for applications where heat contamination may affect flow measurement or temperature- sensitive mixtures.

In addition, the piezo controlling the valve offers "soft actuation" so that the valve being controlled is never opened or closed ballistically. The APC onboard control loop maintains pressure at a set point indefinitely. Located inside the controller is a Ruggedized, Laminated Piezo (RLP), a PZT disk laminated between two metal layers under heat and pressure. The RLP construction increases deflection from an unmodified 0.2 micron to 200 microns.

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