Vorbeck’s graphene-based Vor-ink™ conductive inks and coatings combine exceptional electrical conductivity with high-speed and cost-effective printability on a variety of printing and coating systems, including flexo and roll-to-roll. With conductivity levels as much as 10X higher than typical carbon inks, Vor-ink requires no high-temperature sintering, and creates robust films that do not crack or delaminate even with repeated flexing and creasing. This enables flexible applications where bending, folding, handling, dropping, and even crumpling do not disturb the printed circuitry.

High bond strength, low-temperature application and curing, and elasticity allow the use of temperature-sensitive, thin, or flexible substrates such as polyethylene, paper, paperboard, and label stock on standard printing presses that use existing drying/curing equipment. Vor-ink opens up printed electronics to more specialized applications such as medical devices, energy storage devices, high-resolution displays, and electrochemical and biochemical sensors.

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