“VIVA” piezo technology enables a valve to be direct-operated. The piezo element is protected from the fluid stream to eliminate potential for clogging or contamination failure. The valve is directly shifted by the VIVA arm, and requires only a standard 40-micron air filter upstream. No minimum air pressure is needed for operation.

The device generates about 90% less heat than solenoids in lower-frequency operation; in higher-frequency operation, voltage can be bled into an accumulator without generating heat. The heat source can also be isolated from the actuator, which offers much higher cycle times than solenoid-actuated valves. Higher cycle times do not affect the low heat signature of the piezo. The devices also provide precise actuation at low current drops — 1.5mA at 6.8V — so that a single segment (fieldbus or I/S) can operate up to 8x more control valves.

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