A water/propylene glycol-based formulation acts as a heattransfer medium and reduces the corrosion of sensitive metals by 10x to 100x in heat exchangers, radiators, cold plates, and associated plumbing. The water-based cooling fluid can be used with equipment containing a variety of metals, while still providing freeze protection.

The water/propylene coolant formulation adds ingredients such as organic acid films and pH buffers to suppress corrosion. The coolant builds a monolayer of organic acids, neutralizes the corrosive acid byproducts of propylene glycol decomposition, and prevents mineral/scale deposition that clogs flow pathways. Testing has also shown corrosion inhibition benefits for other common heat-transfer equipment materials such as nickel, brass, carbon steel, iron, and associated braze and solder materials, so that systems comprised of multiple metals can be protected using the same coolant.

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