The Cutcher Wind Turbine Generator provides low- and no-cost power by utilizing tall structures such as rural and urban homes, as well as businesses and buildings. Unlike traditional wind-power generators, the Cutcher Wind Turbine Generator utilizes the wind current that is channeled around buildings and tall structures, eliminating the building of an additional tower for a platform. The generator utilizes wind-driven blades arranged around a hub. As the wind blows, the blades and hub begin to turn, the mechanical drive is activated, and it initiates the electric generator. The generator can be constructed from high-grade aluminum and is scalable to fit specifications for use in both industrial and consumer applications. It is engineered and designed with a box-like frame that employs wind-blocking walls that prevent the wind currents from blowing the blades in the reverse direction. The generator can be installed on existing buildings and structures such as homes, barns, grain elevators, office buildings, and oil tanks.

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