In a two-step process of hydrolyzation utilizing fungal proteases, mild peptide is extracted in such a way that it is free of the bitter taste and aftertaste of similar products. Mild peptide may be mixed with protein drinks and other products to increase the effectiveness of the protein through its amino acid profile and its high Protein Efficiency Ratio. The process of producing mild peptide also makes it non- allergenic, which means it can be used as a milk substitute in infant formulas and by anyone who is lactose-intolerant. Another benefit of the mild peptide production process is that the resultant protein retains its full nutritional value and is quickly absorbed to enhance performance and well-being.

Increased protein fraction allows health food and athletic power drink manufacturers to achieve high protein content with fewer additives. It is safe for use as a milk substitute for infants and adults, it is rich in essential amino acids, it is completely soluble and easily absorbed, and it requires little or no artificial flavorings or dyes.

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