Yeast has the ability to reversibly open up the junctions between cells to aid drug delivery. By micro-encapsulating active ingredients inside the yeast cells, this technology enhances paracellular movement of active ingredients in mucus-rich areas such as buccal, oral, nasal, vaginal, anal, and others. Application could be by means of powder, tablet, capsule, chewable tablet, chewing gum, melting film strip, spray, cream, or gel. Yeast offers an alternative to chitosan as a permeation enhancer and mucoadhesive mechanism.

It may also be possible to have a multi-drug system where a water-soluble active ingredient, formulated together with yeast cells, also has a lipophilic/water-insoluble active ingredient entrapped within those yeast cells. The technology offers new modalities for oral mucosal drug delivery; targeted delivery of a lipophilic active anywhere from the mouth to the lower bowel; topical delivery; taste-masking of volatile lipophilic flavors; better uptake in creams, gels, and ointments; improved nasal spray drug delivery; and non-invasive insulin delivery.

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