The C6 perfluoroalkyl formulation overcomes the environmental issues inherent in other perfluoroalkyl tails, and imparts non-stick properties and resistance to oil, grease, solvents, or water that are similar to C8 fluoroalkyl tails. Chemicals containing perfluoroalkyl tails are used for stain, water, oil, and grease resistance, and for their surfactant and non-stick properties. In a commercially available formulation used on a cellulose substrate, it resists oil and water penetration under either aggressive (hot polar fats) or non-aggressive conditions (ambient temperatures, non-polar oils), and is approved for paper treatment where the paper may be in contact with food.

The flexible C6-tail formulations can easily be adjusted to change the molecular structures that control oil repellency, reactivity and charge, molecular weight, and water stability. Applications include textiles (stain repellency and oil resistance), coatings (aids to flow and spread, resistance to stains and deposits), and as lubricants and release agents. The formulations perform well in pH from 3 to 8.5.

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