This technology provides an efficient and cost-effective way to measure absolute position in one or two dimensions using a new Point Coupled Linear Transformer (PCLT). The PCLT detects movement and position on flat or curved surfaces. The nature of its design provides the sensor with excellent linearity, its DC output voltage allowing it to be used as a direct drop-in replacement for other position sensors.

To date, inductive sensors (LVDT/RVDT/LVIT) have dominated the market, but they have certain limitations that can be overcome by this new technology. Namely, PCLTs can be used to measure a position on flat or curvilinear surfaces, and can also be extended to 2D measurements, whereas LVDTs are limited to 1D position sensing. PCLT also has a 90% stroke-tolength range, which is 30% better than LVDTs. This could result in a 30 to 60% weight reduction of the sensor.

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