Philips is offering an innovative technology to dispel humans (and animals) from an area where they are unwanted. The new and patented dispelling light source (DLS) concept is based on disturbance of humans and/or animals using photosensitive stimuli. When switching a DLS system to the specifically programmed flickering mode, it directly induces negative psychological and/or physiological effects such as aversion, discomfort, dazzling, disorientation, fear, or malaise. As a direct result, humans and/or animals will be dispelled from the site. Proper selection of the flicker frequency avoids triggering of photosensitive epilepsy.

DLS-suitable lighting systems comprise high-pressure gas discharge lamps, where the high-pressure sodium lamp exhibits a particular provocative effect. A strong feature of DLS systems is its dual-mode operation: the system operates in the normal application-dependent illumination mode until the system driver is externally triggered by a proximity detector. Once humans and/or animals have been dispelled, the system switches back to normal lamp operation.

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