An all-terrain, multi-role, hover-capable aircraft has a fuelefficient, rugged, vertical take-off and hover propulsion system. A raised-height, dispersal-resistant hover cushion is projected over the ground by the device as two bisected concentric streams of rotating and counter-rotating torus flume rings. The aircraft is able to clear trees and obstructions above terrain that would be prohibitive for a hovercraft.

The vehicle works in a way similar to James Dyson’s cyclone vacuum cleaner, which sucks in dust and air relatively slowly, but spins out the heavier dust particles more rapidly, retaining them at the bottom of its drum before ejecting the separated air. In the engine, however, the “dust” is actually added to the sucked-in air inside the “drum” as fuel vapor, mixing thoroughly into the spinning air, which is then ignited and accelerated while still spinning, expanding out of the opentapered exhaust as a pulse of still-burning fuel-air.

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