LOCADIO technology pairs readings of IEEE 802.11× received signal-strength indication (RSSI) with probabilistic analysis of building floor plans to deduce where a wirelessenabled device is in a building. It can locate a wireless device within a room to an accuracy of about 1.5 meters. LOCADIO is “hardware-agnostic” in that it is not tethered to any specific brand of system hardware. LOCADIO complements GPS and RFID technologies, in that it operates indoors, can be implemented for a relatively few wireless-enabled devices, and works at ranges greater than RFID.

Other in-building location systems generally require extensive deployment of infrastructure solely for locating tags, transponders, and users. LOCADIO is based on models: site plans and constrained walking paths that are calibrated against a specific wireless device. When creating a new model, you create a schematic of pathways along which LOCADIO can position a given wireless device and calibrate the model for the device to be located via RSSI readings.

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