Able to withstand abrasion even with steel wool, these antireflective coating formulations for display applications offer high durability and reflectivity that ranges from 1.2% down to 0.5%. Reducing ambient light reflectance significantly improves image clarity on LCD and PDP displays and rearprojection televisions, especially in daylight or outdoor conditions. Lenses and other optical equipment may be additional applications. This DuPont technology is a single-pass roll-toroll (microgravure) coating process. Because of its refractive index and thickness, light reflected by the underlying substrate is out of phase with light reflected from the front surface. The two phases cancel each other out, dramatically reducing reflectance and improving image clarity. All the formulations offer exceptional adhesion to the substrate, a neutral color, and exceptional durability. The single applied coating spontaneously forms two layers to improve scratch resistance, adhesion, and improved optical benefits.

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