A green sewage treatment and water purification technology combines water with fertilizer and biomass production. The sustainable water treatment system produces biofuel and organic fertilizer, and extracts carbon from the atmosphere. No electric power is required for sewage treatment, filtering, and water cleaning. The system uses no chemicals, and can run in heavy rain without hazardous overflow. It also stays intact in dry seasons, even for several months without rain.

The system combines two layers of microbiological water treatment: an upper layer with aerobic activity and a lower layer with anaerobic activity. Since the upper layer covers the lower layer, no anaerobic gas production can escape into the atmosphere. Due to the optimized design, the clarifying power and productivity of the system is much higher than in other single-layer wetlands. Benefits include an extremely compact and effective design, protection of the lower layer by the upper layer, integrated liquid transfer, and not generating clearing sludge.

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