This technology removes odors from recycled plastics, especially high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Odors absorbed from household or industrial liquids do not affect physical properties of the polymer, but make the recycled plastic unsuitable for consumer goods. Trace amounts of polyethylene imines blended with the recycled plastic remove aldehyde odors typically resulting from rancid fats and oils. The technology also includes a process for manufacturing odor-free films from recycled plastics.

This technology comprises a process for preparing a blend of recycled polymer and polyalkylene imines (PAI). The present technology includes another process for preparing films, molded articles, or thermoformed articles by a compounding or masterbatch process. The method of producing the blend is not material as long as a relatively uniform distribution of the PAI polymer through the recycled polymer is obtained. It is preferred for the blend to have intimate mixing of the polymers, i.e. microscopic distribution of PAI through the recycled polymer.

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