The internal mechanism of the connector part of this system works to maintain positioning repeatability and rigidity, and compensates for wear over time, while both the connector and receiver are tapered in two planes to assure repeatable positioning. Together, the two form a rigid connection that can be unlocked and removed in a single plane, with no access to the side faces required for release. The principles of engaging, securing, and releasing the connector of this mount from the receiver remain the same at any scale — from applications in heavy equipment attachments, to medical devices and prostheses, to the scale of nano-machines.

Applications include situations where one piece of equipment must be attached rigidly to another in a single direction; for example, attaching down-hole tools for drilling or laparoscopic operating tools where attachment and release can take place in one plane only, with no access to releases on the side. Areas of application include securing shipping containers and in microgravity where applications of side force cause unwanted rotational reaction.

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