This technology takes ZDDP — Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophos - phate, an anti-wear oil additive — and enhances it by adding fluorine to the chemical backbone. The resulting new molecule improves engine fuel economy by 3%, reduces engine wear from that available with conventional ZDDP, and contains from 100 to 250 ppm of phosphorus to prolong the life of catalytic converters. It contains about a third of the phosphorus in conventional ZDDP, and the phosphate compounds it does produce bind to the fluorine and become embedded in the tribofilm deposited on the contact surfaces.

The additive is a liquid, and presents no suspension issues. In grease and in similar lubrication applications, the new molecule is effective at both low-load/high-speed applications and at high-load applications. Fluorinated ZDDP has application in all internal combustion engines; in gasoline, diesel, and natural gas generators; in transmissions and differentials; and in grease and lubrication applications (such as wheel bearings, CV joints, journal boxes, and automated machinery).

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