Tamper-evidence properties are often achieved by adding secondary packaging such as foil seals or heat-shrink seals that inflate the cost of the container. This invention provides a proven technology to produce an injection-molded, tamperevident plastic lid for a container that can be used in the absence of a foil lid, and yet provides an effective hermetic seal. Even after its initial opening, the lid reseals air- and water-tight. It is available in 1,000-ml and 500-ml sizes, but can be molded to requirements. This product is ideal for yogurt, ice cream, sauce, and even non-food items such as washing powder, paint, and products where protection against moisture is required after opening.

Most containers that have a foil seal also have a secondary lid that fits loosely on the tub after the foil seal is removed. Such lids do not offer water– and air–tight sealing. Secondary seals such as foil seals add to the cost of the packaging and prevent the product from being screened by metal detectors to detect metal parts in the final product.

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