This software solution virtualizes multiple WiFi cards within the same computer. It creates two or more software WiFi cards in computer memory so that multiple WiFi connections can take place essentially at the same time, using a single WiFi card and antenna system. The same computer simultaneously can be connected to multiple access points, to different WiFi networks, to multiple nodes in an ad hoc network, or to multiple WiFi channels on the same network (or possibly all of these at the same time.)

Features include a client conduit providing a pipe of communication between disconnected clients and back end servers that perform wireless diagnosis, recovery, and Slotted Seeded Channel Hopping (SSCH) using VirtualWiFi to virtualize a wireless card with as many instances as the number of orthogonal channels, then connects each virtual wireless card on a different orthogonal channel. SSCH proposes a novel scheme of partial synchronization that can be used with VirtualWiFi. Another feature is mesh networking, allowing neighbors to connect their home networks together.

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