Phil-Lok Fastener

Most locking fastener systems use some sort of vibrationresistant method to prevent fastener loosening. The most common method is the lock washer, in use for over 100 years. Although lock washers will inhibit rotation of the nut by increasing friction, they do not provide a positive rotation stopping force. Similarly, nylon inserts can increase frictional forces.

This fastener-locking technology uses a unique, patented “vibration-proof” positive-locking mechanism that uses a physical barrier to prevent nut loosening. The coupling mechanism acts as the physical stop, whereby the nut is rotationally fixed relative to the bolt to inhibit rotation of the nut. The fastener can be used as an alternative to vibration-resistant fasteners. It meets MIL specs that call for both “locking” and “slotting.” Additionally, the fastener is easy to use, versatile, and reusable. It doesn’t require special tools, has a rattle-free locking mechanism, and can be applied universally to a variety of fastening applications.

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