This co-extrusion process helps turn a batch process into a continuous production process, thus speeding the production line and enabling production of materials that otherwise might be difficult or impossible to produce using conventional extrusion and post-extrusion processing.

In operation, it simultaneously coats the outside (and, if appropriate, the hollow inside) of an extrudate with a second extrudate. The second extrudate might be a paste, an enhancement to the primary extrudate, or a fluid such as a lubricant, a flavor, a protectant, a colorant, a reactant, or any of a wide variety of substances. Several such annular layers can be created, depending on the design of the extrusion nozzle. The second extrudate could be used to separate the primary extrudate from the internal surfaces of the machine, thus protecting the machine from wear. The coatings added to the outside or inside may be different. This method and equipment technology can retrofit onto existing machinery.

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