This valve for gases, liquids, or powdery materials has an extremely simple and low-cost structure. Opening and closing functions are generated by using shape-memory wires, which move a diaphragm shutter element. The shape memory can reshape the diaphragm to lift away from the closed position. Then, with the change of temperature or current, it can return back to the closed position. This open/shut movement can be simple for on/off fluid requirements. It can also be rapid to effect displacement of a fluid. Particular positioning of shape-memory elements guarantees deicing functionality as resistance along the alloy can generate heat to prevent freezing.

Shape-memory actuation doesn’t need gears, levers, or any other transmission mechanism. It is suitable for harsh environments because the actuators are insensitive to humidity, ice, and dirt. The diaphragm is a bistable spring and thus power supply is not necessary in opened/closed positions.

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