The Multifunctional Electrosurgic Instrument (LESDIC) is an electrocauterizing surgical device that is comprised of a serrated chisel tip for sharp, blunt, or cutting dissection. It is also equipped with suctioning, irrigation, and coagulation features. The suction can be controlled at variable speeds and pressures. This electrosurgical instrument can be utilized in various surgical procedures such as mastectomies, tonsillectomies, repair of umbilical hernias, cosmetic surgeries, and ovarian surgeries, and operations involving all of the following procedures: cutting/dissecting, coagulating bleeding blood vessels, suctioning blood and smoke, and irrigating the surgical site as necessary.

The LESDIC features a serrated chisel tip for sharp, blunt, or cutting dissection.
LESDIC is especially useful to control bleeding by aiding in irrigating blood vessels, arteries, and capillaries in the surgical site. This instrument also provides continuous suction to remove blood and other debris away from the operation site before they accumulate. Suctioning also functions to remove smoke that is generated by the electrical cauterizing process so that the surgeon can maintain an unobstructed view of the surgical site. The ability of LESDIC to accomplish several surgical tasks in a single, handheld instrument allows surgeons to perform procedures more efficiently and effectively without the complication and difficulties arising from handling multiple separate tools.

By having open orifices at the fingertips, the surgeon can control the pressure of suction, which improves the effectiveness of the cutting and coagulation functions. In contaminated surgeries, LESDIC can provide an irrigation port for antibiotic solutions.

LESDIC can diminish the destruction of tissues in hemostasis because, with the irrigation and suction features, the blood vessels can be identified with pinpoint precision. It also reduces operating time since time is not spent switching back and forth to different surgical instruments. This device is designed to be compatible for both right- and left-handed users.

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