Connector test clamps (CTCs) are clamping electrical connectors designed for use in testing electrical continuity from the backshell of a connector at one end of a shielded electrical cable, through the cable shield, to the backshell at the other end of the cable. CTCs increase the reliability of testing of shielded electrical cables beyond that achievable with alligator clips (for which suitable attachment points often cannot be found). Each CTC consists of a conductive jaw mounted onto a manually operated ratcheting clamp that can be released by finger pressure on a lever. CTCs can be made with jaws of various sizes and shapes to fit a variety of connector shells or applications. Each CTC is machined to allow connection of a standard banana-jack-tipped test lead. Once the CTC is clamped into place, one end of the test lead is inserted into the jaw and the other into any type of test equipment required. CTCs can be utilized in any application where a standard alligator clip is not sufficient.

This work was done by Kenneth A. Reaume of United Space Alliance for Kennedy Space Center. For further information, please contact Phil Restivo, 1150 Gemini Ave., M/S: USH-100 D, Houston, TX 77058, Tel. No. (321) 212-6125, E-mail: Philip.G.Restivo@

NASA Tech Briefs Magazine

This article first appeared in the September, 2002 issue of NASA Tech Briefs Magazine.

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