The EUROPA planning system is a general-purpose, reusable, artificial intelligence software system for automatically generating plans for performing complex activities in parallel, in accordance with constraints on activities and their interactions. One part of the system input is a domain model, which describes the subsystems in question, their possible activities, and the associated constraints. The other part is a plan request, consisting of a set of activities and constraints among them. Given these two inputs, the system will try to find a complete plan that allows all aspects of the plan request to be done, while satisfying the constraints specified in the domain model. This functionality includes the capability of verifying that a plan satisfies all constraints. The system is designed to allow different techniques to be used to complete or verify plans.

Europa 2 can be downloaded at

This work was done by Jeremy Frank, Ari Jonsson, and Paul Morris of Ames Research Center; and Conor McGann, Matthew Boyce, Michael Iatauro, and Peter Jarvis of QSS Group Inc. NASA invites companies to inquire about partnering opportunities. Contact the Ames Technology Partnerships Office at 1-855-627-2249 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Refer to ARC-15936-1.