A report describes an experimental study of the low-temperature electrical characteristics of commercial Li/MnO2, Li/CFx, Li/SO2, Li/SOCl2, and Li/BCX primary electrochemical cells. These high-energy-density cells are under consideration for use as lightweight, compact electric-power sources for scientific instruments in terrestrial polar regions and on Mars, where they could be called upon to operate at temperatures as low as 85 °C. The experiments, performed at temperatures down to - 100 °C, included steady-state current-vs.-voltage measurements during discharges with various increments of load resistance from 105 down to 10 Ω, complete discharge tests, and ac-impedance measurements.

This work was done by Frank Deligiannis, Harvey Frank, Evan Davies, and Ratnakumar Bugga of Caltech for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. NPO-20352