A computer-based automated system for scheduling, reporting, and tracking fire inspections at Kennedy Space Center has supplanted a manual system based on paper fire-inspection reports transmitted by mail. The automated system not only minimizes the consumption of paper and other resources but also significantly reduces the time spent in responding to potentially hazardous conditions. The software in the automated system generates a multiscreen interactive display containing standard fire-inspection report forms. Inspectors check off predefined items, fill in blanks, and/or enter text, as needed, to complete the forms. The information thus entered is stored in a data base. Automated mail-merge documents are created and transmitted to responsible site managers by electronic mail. Inspections are tracked by a report section that identifies overdue corrective actions and prompts follow-up by a fire inspector or supervisor. Although this software was originally written for fire inspections, it is easily adapted for nearly any inspection process, i.e., safety, environmental, etc., since all "predefined" items can be defined at setup.

This work was done by Hans J. Siepmann formerly of EG&G Florida, Inc., for Kennedy Space Center.

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