The Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Facilities Functional Review web site provides dynamic electronic publication of select portions of MSFC’s facility-management database. This is a user-friendly site that provides a comprehensive view of all relevant facility and program information in a format that integrates plans, costs of operations, conditions of facilities, utilization of facilities, capabilities for research and development in each facility, research and development investments, capital investments, and organizational responsibilities. The site was developed to assist managers at all organ- izational levels in making decisions regarding capital investments and program plans.

The MSFC Facilities Functional Review Web Site, implemented by several computer hardware and software subsystems, dynamically publishes a facility-management database.
The figure is a simplified schematic diagram of the major functional blocks of the web site and the relationship between the web site and a client. The software used to administer the site is a combination of World Wide Web (WWW) -based server software and computer-aided design (CAD)-based database-management software. The software and hardware components of the web site and the parts of the database to which they pertain are summarized as follows:

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This article first appeared in the July, 2002 issue of NASA Tech Briefs Magazine.

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  • The SPAN-FM software is used to manage data on property and space. These are stored in an Oracle database that resides on an Intergraph Pentium server computer running the Microsoft Windows NT Server operating system.
  • The WWW server is another Intergraph Pentium computer running the Microsoft Windows NT Server operating system and version 4.0 of the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) software, which is part of the NT4.0 Option Pack. This portion of the software has been configured for intranet only; that is, to restrict access to clients located at MSFC.