The Shuttle Connector Analysis Network Automated Electrical Retest Operations (SCAN/AERO) computer program assists in the tracking, management, and automation of the retesting of electrical connectors on the space shuttle orbiters. Among other things, SCAN/AERO analyzes test data to determine the statuses of connectors and of equipment affected by them. One analysis function is identification of measurements that are outside acceptable limits for affected equipment subsystems that are not listed explicitly as being disconnected at test time. Another such function is identification of current configurations of hazardous systems that are required to be maintained in predefined configurations. A graphical user interface enables the user to select an orbiter and/or an orbiter system of interest, choose a display of current configurations, request status information, or generate an engineering report. The engineering reports generated by SCAN/AERO are meant to serve as accurate and timely retest documentation and to be distributed daily (electronically and, optionally, in printed form) to affected personnel. Concepts forged from the pioneering work of the SCAN/AERO project are being incorporated into the Checkout and Launch Control System (CLCS) that is presently under development by NASA at the Kennedy Space Center. John Wilkinson is a System Software Architect for CLCS.

This work was done by Robert D. Giffen and John Wilkinson formerly of Lockheed Martin for Kennedy Space Center.

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