NASA Tech Briefs' 2011 Product of the Year Presented

NASA Tech Briefs' readers named PTC's Creo suite of design software as the 2011 Product of the Year. Linda Bell, Editorial Director of Tech Briefs Media Group, recently presented the award to PTC's Creo R&D team at PTC's headquarters in Needham, MA. Ed Marecki, New England/Eastern Canada Regional Sales Manager of Tech Briefs Media Group, was also part of the awards ceremony.The Creo suite of scalable, interoperable, open product design applications includes direct 3D CAD design software, PDM software, 2D CAD design software, a 2D routed systems diagramming solution, a 2D conceptual engineering solution, parametric 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software, structural and thermal simulation software, and freehand 2D drawing software.