App Helps Macular Disease Sufferers Read ePubs

Scientists from the UK's Royal Holloway University are launching a new iPad app to help people with macular disease, a common cause of sight loss. People affected by the condition find it difficult to read normally, having lost their central vision. However, they can make use of their peripheral vision using a simple technique called eccentric viewing. The new app, called MD_evReader, is designed to enhance the eccentric viewing technique for reading eBooks. It enables users to scroll text from any ePub document in a single stream, like a news ticker. The text is presented into the reader's best point of eccentric vision and helps them to maintain a steady eye. The speed in which the text appears can be changed using a simple trackpad according to the reader's needs. The app also allows users to make changes to background and text color, and allows content to be displayed on digital television screens, enabling very large font sizes to be used.