ExMS-1: Electromechanically Activated Back Brace

This technology was an Honorable Mention in the 2013 Create the Future Design Contest's Medical Category.The ExMS-1 is the first product from medical device start-up Exo Dynamics. Unlike current braces, the device focuses not on increasing abdominal pressure, but on transferring the weight of the torso to the hip. This gives support to the back muscles, thus reducing their effort. By changing its shape as the user moves it allows for free motion of the user, maintaining support through a wide variety of postures, thus substantially reducing the strain on the lower back muscles and spine. The device provides these features due to active mechatronic technology, which incorporates an electronic control system that takes input from a network of sensor elements around the back brace and then adapts the controls and actuators in real-time to maintain a pre-programmed level of support for its user.