International Space Station Robotics: Installing a New Camera

The Canadarm2 Boom B Camera Light Pan/tilt Assembly (CLPA) on the International Space Station (ISS) was producing a usable but hazy view with working lights, but could not be used for detailed inspections. The Mobile Base System (MBS) Mast CLPA has been unavailable since its failure in May 2012. The CLPA was removed from MBS Mast by EVA crew in July 2013 and returned to Earth on SpX-3 Dragon. This video shows the Canadian-built Dextre robot remove the CLPA from the Canadarm2 and move it to the Mobile Base mast location. Then the crew inside the station mounts a new CLPA to the US-built JEM ORU Transfer Interface (JOTI) and sends it outside the ISS via the Japanese-built airlock. Dextre then removes the camera from the JOTI and installs it on the Canadarm2, completing the ground controlled robotic repair operations.