Conceptualization of DARPA's Ground-Based Fighting Vehicle with Crew Augmentation

A key goal of DARPA's Ground X-Vehicle Technologies (GXV-T) program is improving the survivability of ground-based armored fighting vehicles through crew augmentation. Crew augmentation involves improved physical and electronically assisted situational awareness for crew and passengers. It also involves semi-autonomous driver assistance and automation of key crew functions, similar to capabilities found in modern commercial airplane cockpits, to reduce onboard crew and training requirements. This concept video demonstrates five potential approaches: a closed cockpit that would use visualization technologies to provide high-definition, wide-angle visibility of external conditions; path planning that would display optimal routes; sensors that would use a variety of technologies to visualize surroundings and identify and track allies and adversaries; terrain classification that would evaluate surroundings for optimal travel surfaces; and autopilot capabilities that would automate routine driving tasks to enable drivers to focus on more strategic activities.