Underwater Robot with Intelligent 3D Cameras for High-Precision Tracking

Researchers from Japan's Okayama University have developed an underwater robot that features intelligent three-dimensional object recognition CCD technology for autonomous search and tracking operations over long durations of time in open water. "Our Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) operates using the combination of our new 'Move on Sensing' (MOV) three dimensional visual servo CCD technology with real-time stereopsis and detection of conventional sonar signals," explains professor Mamoru Minam. "Underwater navigation with this combination of sound and 3D visual servo feedback enables our AUV to search, track, and pinpoint targets with a precision of 5 mm. We expect this accuracy to improve this figure to 0.5 mm, which we have obtained using ground based robots." The prototype MOS/AUV was tested in an experimental pool of water. In this video, the MOS/AUV robot approaches a target represented by coordinate system with three colored balls and completes a connecting task of a rod with a tube.