Wire-Free Charging of Electronic Devices Within 15-Foot Radius

San Jose, CA-based company Energous Corporation is developing WattUp™, a wire-free charging technology for electronic devices that provides power at a distance, and recently held demonstrations during 2015 International CES. In this video, Energous CTO Michael Leabman demonstrates the technology. A WattUp transmitter, or power router, sends energy via a radio frequency (RF) signal to a user's WattUp-enabled electronic devices when requested. It delivers energy within a 15-foot radius of where they are installed, creating a 30-foot envelope of wire-free charging space. Each power router can charge up to 12 devices at the same time. WattUp receivers use multiple miniature antennas to harvest the micro energy beams sent from the transmitter. The whole wire-free charging system is software controlled. Using either a mobile app or cloud-based web portal, users can to identify which devices they want to receive power and when.