Light-Driven Battery Runs Small Electronics, Recharges Without Outside Power Source

Researchers from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) have created an alternative power source, wherein light is used to actuate a discharge chemistry in the cathode of an aqueous rechargeable battery (ARB). This photo battery can run small electronics and recharge without an outside power source. The proposed photo battery consists of a titanium nitride photoanode, promising cathode material iron hexacyanoferrate as the battery active species, and Na2S2O8 as the chemical charging agent. In ambient light, the device retained 72% of its artificial light discharge capacity with a stable cycling for more than 100 cycles. Apart from bringing out a sustainable way for power production, this device opens up avenues for charging the battery in the likely events of electrical input unavailability, while solving the critical issues of longer charging time and higher charging voltage.