Optimus Ride: Fully Autonomous Electric Vehicle In the Works

Optimus Ride Inc. is an MIT spinoff company based in Cambridge, MA that is designing a fully autonomous system for electric vehicle fleets. This video offers a look at some of the team's technical expertise in the fields of autonomous technologies, self-driving vehicles, and light electric vehicle production. CEO Ryan Chin is an MIT Ph.D. who co-invented the MIT CityCar, a lightweight all-electric vehicle designed for urban use. The company has recently partnered with Perkins School for the Blind to test their technology that will revolutionize transportation for people who are blind. A prototype that went 15 miles per hour was recently tested in the parking lot at Perkins. A suite of sensors that help the vehicle 'see' its surroundings communicate with a central computer, located under the driver's seat, which then controls the vehicle's movements. Data gathered at Perkins will help build the vehicle's pattern recognition capabilities, so it can identify obstacles and calculate the safest course of action. For its inaugural drive at Perkins, the vehicle followed a pre-programmed route around a cleared area.