Affordable, Desktop Multi-Material 3D Printer Creates Electronic Circuits

The 'NexD1' from Berlin, Germany-based startup Next Dynamics prints fully functional circuits like in a regular PCB and places them in any 3D configuration within a user's design. The company optimized Stratasys' PolyJet™ technology, which releases droplets of liquid polymer that are then cured into place with UV light, calling it 'DigiJet.' DigiJet technology can print a wide range of materials, including special resins with nano-particles or pigments. With a six-cartridge storage system, the NexD1 can print and combine six materials at once. Next Dynamics has created a wide array of materials such as hard base resins, conductive, flexible, colored, transparent, and support materials. The company developed their own cost-efficient printhead and can achieve a precision of 10 microns. Each of the six piezo printheads has 200 liquid-jetting-nozzles with a diameter of 5 microns. A pre-heating system ensures a super precise flow and accurate deposition of the material that gets cured by a wide and high powered UV-laser after each layer. Starting at $2,499, the printers are currently on Kickstarter.