'Flippy' the Burger-Flipping, Collaborative Robotic Kitchen Assistant

Pasadena, CA-based company Miso Robotics, in partnership with Cali Group, has released an AI-driven robot named Flippy that will work alongside kitchen staff, grilling burgers at CaliBurger restaurants. Flippy is the first in a series of adaptive robots that Miso Robotics engineers hope will create safer, more efficient kitchens. The collaborative kitchen assistant makes use of computer vision and deep learning software and will handle the hazardous and tedious aspects of grilling. Miso Robotics, which employs roboticists, engineers, and industrial designers from Caltech, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon University, leveraged recent advances in AI and declining prices for industrial robotic arms to create the robotic kitchen assistants. Flippy will officially be rolled out in 2018, expanding to over 50 of the burger restaurants.