'MistForm': Shape-Changing Display Made from Fog

'MistForm' - a shape-changing fog display developed at the University of Sussex - lets users reach through it and interact with 2D and 3D objects. While shape-changing displays and fog screens already exist (at least in labs) this is the first time the two technologies have been combined. The display changes position to optimize visibility or flexibly adapt to single or multiple users interacting with the floating content. It can morph into a concave display to maintain content in comfortable reach for a single user, or take a convex shape to support several users engaged on individual tasks. MistForm is about the size of a 39-inch TV screen and is formed of fog stabilized by curtains of air. By making use of shape reconstruction and 3D projection algorithms, MistForm adjusts its shape to better support user interaction, while removing any image distortion caused by projecting on moving, curved fog surfaces.