Self-Administered, Painless Flu Vaccine Patch - Success in First Human Clinical Trial

Despite the recommendation of universal flu vaccination, influenza continues to be a major cause of illness leading to mortality. Georgia Tech researchers believe a new self-administered, painless vaccine skin patch containing microscopic needles could significantly increase the number of people who get vaccinated for the flu. A phase I clinical trial conducted by Emory University in collaboration with the Georgia Tech researchers has found that influenza vaccination using Band-Aid-like patches with dissolvable microneedles was safe and well-tolerated by study participants, was just as effective in generating immunity against influenza, and was strongly preferred by study participants over vaccination with a hypodermic needle and syringe. The microneedle patch vaccine could also save money because it is easily self-administered, could be transported and stored without refrigeration, and is easily disposed of after use without sharps waste.